février 2019

Hundreds of lawyers working for law firms and companies responded to CLAWD TECHNOLOGIES’ ‘invitation to the Legalweek Show. LAWFICE coupled with DOCUTRAIL is perfectly suited to the ecosystem of law firms and lawyers: efficiency, process optimization, esignature and closing management tour bringing undeniable profitability for users.


More than one hundred lawyers and lawyers corporate came to the Clawd Technologies booth. It is an understatement to say that our cross-functional solutions comply with regulations and are perfectly adapted to the real needs of lawyers and corporate lawyers. In a rapidly changing industry and with the digitalization needs of businesses and the inherent digital security, legal professionals have an obligation to comply with new regulations. Our 8 years of research and development are constantly focused on improving information systems to enable them to keep pace with international laws and standards, and to facilitate digital document management, protect corporate memory and ensure accountability management in a paperless environment. CLAWD TECHNOLOGIES with its LAWFICE and DOCUTRAIL solutions is the key partner to face the biggest challenges and problems of legal professionals. Our success at Legalweek Show confirms that needs are real and growing. On the market, there is no solution neither complete and advanced that Lawfice and Docutrail » says Sébastien Meunier, founder and CEO of CLAWD TECHNOLOGIES.


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