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Docutrail for Document Conversion Firms

Our affordable and easy-to-implement solution enables document conversion firms to offer in-demand and unique dematerialization services to their clients which will enable them to land more clients and differentiate them against their competition. Our technology integrates within a document conversion firm’s existing scanning or EDM system and enables the firm to guarantee a Legally Authentic Document.

Docutrail is for Document Conversion Firms who want to transform the way their clients:
    • convert their paper-based records into electronic documents
    • dematerialize and archive their paper documents
    • integrate with the Blockchain
    • destroy original paper copies
    • create Legally Authentic PDFs
What exactly is a Legally Authentic PDF?

A paper to pdf or digitally created document that complies with all the legal requirements of a certain jurisdiction or country, and standards applicable to dematerialization of a document from its paper-based to a digital medium or to the migration of data from another medium to create “Legally Authentic Documents”.

Industries in Need of Legally Authenticated Documents 

With governance, regulation compliance and (GRC) becoming more stringent throughout many industries electronic documents that are legally authentic (can be upheld in a court of law, and provide a transparent chain-of-custody trail will give them the assurance needed to dematerialize.

  • Legal Firms
  • Corporations
  • Healthcare & Life Science
  • Insurance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Energy & Utilities 
  • Engineering & Construction Firms
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture


Docutrail empowers document conversion firms to offer to their clients the ability to convert and archive their past and future records in the most legal way possible.  A DCF can use our solution to bulk dematerialize a firm or just recommend it or utlize our Microsoft Azure cloud.

Features of Docutrail
  • Docutrail can be downloaded and easily used by most types of scanners.
  • Utilizes metadata powered by XMP technology which automatically encapsulates a scanned document during the scanning process.
  • Tamper-proof metadata remains within a document throughout its lifecycle and is easily read by third parties using Adobe Pro.
  • Metadata from documents can be stored in our own Blockchain to ensure long term document integrity and can be compared to the original metadata at any later date.
  • Precision search utilizing OCR and metadata: PDFs are high quality, text-searchable, and maintain the identical format and layout of original documents.
  • Can be stored on a client’s servers or our cloud which is powered by Microsoft Azure.

Chain-of-Custody Solution

The entire scanning process is validated through metadata certifications along with employee verifications and creates PDF documents that are tamper-proof and legally binding as the original. Document metadata certifies that the scanning process is compliant with applicable national and international laws and this information is stored within the Blockchain. This also offers assurance that the documents cannot be modified.

Since the original paper-based copies can be destroyed if desired no other scanning method or technology can match our legally authenticated process.

Innovative Technology and Integration

  • Clawd Docutrail is easily downloaded to your existing scanners and bridges with our platform for up-to-date certifications. 
  • With an Adobe XMP enabled application, your firm can capture meaningful information about a project (such as titles and descriptions, searchable keywords, and up-to-date author and copyright information) in a format that is easily understood by your team as well as by software applications, hardware devices, and even file formats.
  • Metadata automatically applied during scanning.
  • Document metadata can be stored in Blockchain for long term storage and to verify the integrity and journey of original documents.

Compliance Assured
  • Complies with ISO 13028 (dematerialization process) and ISO 16684 metadata requirements.
  • Digital signature certificates follow PAdES rules and all PDF are ISO 32000 and ISO 19005 compliant.
  • PDFs are ISO 32000 and ISO 19005 compliant.
  • Document integrity follows ISO 15489 and ISO 27001.
  • We use Microsoft Azure as our cloud storage which meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards, including Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS. Rigorous third-party audits, such as those done by the British Standards Institute, verify Azure’s adherence to the strict security controls these standards mandate.
  • PDF/A3 complaint

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