Transveri - Chain of Liability for Medical Waste Management Firms

Pharmaceutical, Hazardous, and Chemical Waste Client Portal

Easy-to-deploy and affordable customer and third-party management solution that mitigates risk and enables legal “transfer of liability”.


It is increasingly difficult and expensive to stay current with the numerous laws and regulations imposed on pharmaceutical, medical, hazardous, and medical waste disposal, and transfer firms. A transportation or disposal firm has to ensure the transfer of liability and also maintain secure and organized digital records that are traceable in case of an audit. 

The Transveri SaaS platform is an intuitive and affordable cloud-based solution that empowers firms of any size manage customer and third parties throughout the entire relationship. This includes; establishing official company representatives, onboarding vendors or clients, managing contracts, archiving documents, and emails.

Our innovative platform enables waste management firms to easily create workflows and “transfer of liability” procedures to enable internal governance and ensure regulatory compliance.

The company administrator can define roles and actions to employee representatives It offers secure online vaults which streamlines customer management while capturing transactions and transfer of waste detailed chain-of-custody.

Every signed eDocument, contract, or customer document is encapsulated with tamper-proof XMP infused metadata which reveals who signed it, when, where and assigns the signer’s identity to it. The tamper-proof metadata is stored in the Blockchain to ensure long-term integrity.

Intuitive dashboards give compliance officers, risk or office managers total control and visibility into every customer, individual, and document providing them insight every transaction which dramatically reduces liability.

Platform Benefits

  • Provides a transparent or traceable “corporate memory”.
  • Secure client portals.
  • Customizable procedure workflows which utilize dynamic adaptability and can be easily customized to meet specific medical, pharma, or hazardous waste disposal regulations.
  • Communication and workflow customization and template creation for compliance and internal governance.
  • Secure email platform for transaction archiving.
  • High probative eSignature platform.
  • Transaction eDocument transparent audit trail which can be stored in our secure cloud or a firms existing platform.

Legal ChainofLiability

Each transaction with a client within their own secure cloud portal where the identity of each company representative, contract, and transaction, is linked to every electronic document. XMP infused metadata ensures each document remains, secure, tamper-proof, and reveals a clear chain-of-custody.

Legally Authentic eSignature

Our high probative value eSignature generator platform generates “legally authentic” signed documents which are admissible in a court of law. It can facilitate individual or group signings and all actions and signatures are captured within legal documents which can be securely archived on our secure cloud vaults or our own.

Procedure Customization

Users can easily create transaction workflows, onboarding, contract, collaboration, and transfer of liability workflow and chain of command rules to ensure that each interaction by company representatives or vendor complies with internal, local, federal and international regulations.

Innovative Technology and Integration

  • Secure Cloud-based
  • Email plugins available
  • Mobile friendly
  • Document metadata and eSignature stored in Blockchain