Unique Metadata Memory Encapsulation: you did not provide any draft for revue

Industry Exclusive Metadata

The unique metadata document encapsulation enables a traceable and secure business transactions. It is tamper-proof, offers the undisputed evidence, and also contains an audit trail of its journey and modifications. A document’s metadata is infused with XMP technology (ISO 16684) and contains:

Source Document

  • Number of pages and dimensions
  • Source document format
  • Verified signatures
  • Location it came from
  • Device it came from
  • When it was created
  • Who authorized it

Activity Workflow

  • Who has signed the document
  • On behalf of who
  • Date and time of the time zone


  • Company Name
  • Certification level
  • Verified by who and their certification
  • Representative of the company
  • Client Name
  • Representative of the client

If an outside party attempts to tamper with the eDocument the metadata is stripped out and the certifications and are no longer valid.