Clawd Dematerialization Solution vs Other Platforms

As Legally Binding as the Original

Other Methods and Software Don’t Even Come Close.

We have created a unique process in which the entire scanning process is validated through metadata certifications and creates PDF documents that are tamper-proof and legally binding as the original.   Document metadata certifies that the scanning process is compliant with applicable national and international laws and this information is stored within the Blockchain. This also offers assurance that the documents cannot be modified, retain their integrity and providence and remain secure.

The processes used to create the digital document: other guys
Capture the components of the source document.
Embeds the components in the pdf file with XMP technology following the ISO 16684-1:2012 standards.
Implements the document’s own digital signature certificate based on PAdES identifying the digital document as the unique “original”, even if it is printed on paper.
Must demonstrate that entities involved as the creators of a document:
Are duly incorporated and validly subsisting under their applicable laws and have the corporate power and authority to carry on their business in the territory where they have been incorporated.
Have authorized, by all necessary corporate action on the part of their corporate by-laws, the individual to act on their behalf to properly execute and deliver the document in order that this document constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation of the entities, enforceable against them.
The processes used to validate a digital document:
Must demonstrate that the digital document is the first form (“original”) of a document linked to a person:
Identifying the person with whom the document is linked.
Maintaining the link throughout the life cycle of the document.
Identifying the authority of the individual acting on behalf of an entity.
Confirm that the processes are based on technical norms and standards approved by a recognized body.
Protect the integrity of the document throughout its lifecycle.
Enable any third party to validate the authenticity of the document.
Enable any third party to validate the authenticity of the document using a known standard that is independent of any specific system.