Ironclad Probative Value eSignature Platform (IPV) vs others

The Clawd IPV eSignature Platform Offers an Ironclad Probative Value on the Market.


Every signed eDocument, contract, or customer document is encapsulated with tamper-proof XMP infused metadata which reveals who signed it, when, where, and much more.  It also assigns the signer’s identity to it. The tamper-proof metadata is stored in the Blockchain to ensure long-term integrity. Intuitive dashboards give compliance officers, risk or office managers total control and visibility into every customer, individual, and document providing them insight every transaction which dramatically reduces liability.

  • A document with a Clawd IPV signature certificate offers an Ironclad Probative Value in a court of law.
  • Metadata can be viewed in Pro PDF reader. Document metadata can be stored in Blockchain and connected to the signer.
  • Can facilitate multiple users. No need for separate accounts.


Clawd IPV eSIgnature
  • Created legally authentic documents
  • Standard and Advanced electronic signatures
  • User can use their own digital signature including their own Qualified Electronic Signature within the system.
  • The use of an Advanced or Qualified digital certificate combined with the use of Clawd XMP infused metadata gives to a document an Ironclad Probative Value you can have on the market.
  • Clawd CSO integration guarantees that the organization and the people who represent this organization are real, safe and authorized users.
Other eSignature solutions
  • Standard, Advanced and Qualified type of electronic signatures.


Why our system provides more authenticity than other systems:


Numeric Signature:

Requires a PIN and can only be used by users who have had their identities verified by a registration authority. So since the person has had there identity verified, it removes the possibility of identity fraud so this type of signature is more secure.

Electronic signature:

Does not have a PIN and can be used by both verified and unverified users. Since an unverified user has not been verified by a registration authority, his identity has not been verified


  • Other email eSignature Solutions aren’t as secure since they use email.
  • Don’t have proof signer is the person signing is actually the email owner.
  • If verified through Clawd CSO they are even more secure.
  • The system metadata contains all the info needed to verify. If the vendor (or whoever) tries to modify the document metadata gets stripped away and certificates are no longer valid.
  • Unlimited “signers”.