Dematerialization and Archiving

Legally Authenticated and ISO compliant Dematerialization Made Easy

Most companies are overwhelmed by paper and are lacking in their efforts to store, organize, and dematerialization their paper documents into legal and compliant PDFs. We offer scanning services that comply with the legal requirements and applicable laws to dematerialize documents from a paper-based form to Legally Authentic PDFs.

  • During the scanning process, each document is encapsulated with tamper-proof metadata in which digital signature certificates are applied which provides validation of the process and creates a PDF that is admissible in court.
  • PDFs are categorized based on keywords or other metadata making them easy to retrieve.
    Each PDF is tamper-proof and legally binding as the original.
  • The metadata contains information such as; when and where it was created, by whom, changes made, and displays the linked signatures.
  • The metadata is tamper-proof, can be easily read by third parties, and can be stored in the Blockchain.
  • Original paper-based documents may be destroyed if desired.
  • PDFs can be stored on a firm’s own servers or our secure cloud.
  • Technology complies with all applicable ISO metadata and digital document rules.
  • Embeds scanned documents with metadata into secure online “filing cabinet” vaults or Minute Books.
  • Original paper-based copies can be destroyed if desired and applicable. Follows ISO 15489 and ISO 27001 rules. PDF/A-3 complaint.
  • Clawd dematerialization process complies with ISO 13028 and the tools for metadata injection comply with ISO 16684.
  • Documents can be accessed on mobile devices.
  • The entire scanning process is validated through metadata certifications and employee identity verifications and creates PDF documents that are tamper-proof and legally binding as the original.
Document metadata certifies that the scanning process is compliant with applicable national and international laws and this information is stored within the Blockchain. This also offers assurance that the documents cannot be modified and are secure. 


Benefits of Legal eDocuments

The Clawd CSO doesn’t rely on manually created document metadata links stored in “data warehouses” but instead the system automatically encapsulates the metadata within the digital document.

This results in significant savings and no human error. This unique XMP infused metadata creates legally authentic eDocuments that are as valid as paper-based documents. The eDocuments can be stored in a firm’s existing system or our global jurisdiction cloud network to comply with that countries dematerialization laws.  

Industries in Need of Legal Documents

With compliance and regulation becoming more stringent in the following industries electronic documents that are legally authentic, have an audit trail, and offer the highest probative value and “best evidence rule” will give them the assurance needed to dematerialize.

  • Law Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Finance
  • Life Science
  • Insurance
  • Energy
  • Engineering / Construction Firms
  • Pharmaceutical and Waste Management Transfer