Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management

Compliance Officers, Risk Officers, and Vendor Managers Will Find the Clawd Ecosystem an Invaluable Tool


The Clawd System of Operations (CSO) is a cloud-based and human oversight ecosystem that enables due diligence for:

  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Anti- Money Laundering (AML)
  • Identifies Beneficial Ownership
  • and an individual role or ownership in an organization and the organization itself.

Customizable approval workflows move policies along the authoring chain to compliance, operations, and others to secure the edits and approvals.

The system also provides the risk managers or other officials an easy- to-use platform that ensures Fiduciary duties are carried out and confidently provide that the required risk information and assurance is provided to the stakeholders.  


We utilize a global network of human certifiers to quickly authenticate individuals and their role in the company or established an individual’s ownership. This ensures beneficial ownership and KYC rules are followed. Individual identities are then registered within the Blockchain where their identity, role in company, and signature is legally, and globally, recognized.  This verification is updated regularly. 

Policy Management and Assurance 

The Clawd cloud platform provides an intuitive and easy-to-implement system that a company representative,    Vendor, Risk, or Client Manager can use to establish client, vendor, and third parties management throughout the entire relationship, including establishing official company representatives, on-boarding, managing contracts, archiving documents and emails. Interactive dashboards give vendor or risk managers users total control over clients, vendor activity, transactions, and contract workflows and visibility into all archived documents and activities thereby creating a “corporate memory”.