Industries We Serve

In today’s highly regulated environment many industries can benefit an intelligent platform that enables documented chain-of-custody transactions, individual and entity verification, eSignatures, and workflows within an easy-to-use platform.   Clawd also offers the most comprehensive dematerialization software and service which creates legally authenticated PDFs from paper documents which also integrate within the Blockchain. No other solution on the market can offer this.

In today’s highly regulated and global marketplace a verified “Trust” ecosystem enabled with legally documented workflows, which can be integrated within the Blockchain, is the key for compliant and transparent business transactions.


The Clawd System of Operations (CSO) platform enables a digital and scanned document rules-based workflow for third-party vendors, customers, clients, and partners to easily create legally authentic documents and operate paperlessly.  A firm’s clients and third parties can easily also use the system for eSignatures, to create a seamless and more efficient governance system in order to comply with regulations and prevent fraud. The affordable platform can be utilized by Transactional Attorneys,  Corporate Lawyers, In-house Council, Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, Information Officers, Vendor Managers, Customer On-boarders, and more.


Legal Firms, Transactional Attorneys, and Corporate Lawyers

Legal firms are under increased pressure to maintain secure, compliant, and efficient communications with their clients and it’s becoming more apparent that existing closing management doesn’t meet the need. Lawfice is our affordable cloud solution which was created by lawyers to be “compliant by design” and features secure client portals and best practice workflow procedures, and automatic workflow management (case procedures and signatures) that can also be customized to meet your area of law. Robust enough for merger and acquisitions and fiscal reorganizations but affordable enough for sole proprietors. All collaboration and documents can be stored in our cloud which utilizes the industry-leading compliant Microsoft Azure.  


Businesses who need to archive paper documents and Document Conversion Firms

With governance, regulation, and compliance (GRC) becoming more stringent throughout many industries, electronic documents that are legally authentic (can be upheld in a court of law and provide a transparent chain-of-custody) will provide the assurance needed to dematerialize. Our affordable and easy-to-implement solution, Docutrail, enable document conversion firms or in-house scanning departments to easily create legally authentic PDFs from past and future paper documents, using their existing scanners. Scanning firms can offer dematerialization services to their clients which will enable them to land more clients and differentiate them against their competition while our affordable solution enables any size in-house scanning departments to create legally authentic electronic documents from paper documents which will ensure their long-term integrity and will create a transparent corporate memory and enable case management. All PDFs can be stored in our cloud which utilizes the industry-leading compliant Microsoft Azure

Industries in Need of Legally Authenticated DocumentsLegal Firms, Corporations, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Life Science, Insurance, Energy, Engineering Firms, Construction Firms, Pharmaceutical Manufacture, and Waste Management.


Financial Services and Corporate Risk Managers and Compliance Officers 

Easy Enable Know-Your-Customer, Enhanced Due Diligence, and Customer Due Diligence. Verifi offers entity and individual verification authentication, a secure client portal which enables customizable procedure and traceable workflows, and the highest probative value eSignature platform on the market. The Clawd platform streamlines vendor and client management while capturing all pertinent transactions in legally documented workflows. These affordable, flexible, and secure platforms are offered as separate end-to-end solutions or can be integrated within your existing system.   All collaboration and documents can be stored in our cloud which utilizes the industry-leading compliant Microsoft Azure.


Online and Traditional Learning Institutions

The number fake degree and “diploma mills” have been increasing exponentially as any Google search will reveal. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, which regulates the legitimacy of degrees, estimates that 100,000 fake degrees and diplomas are sold every year along with fake transcripts. With this proliferation, it’s increasingly difficult for other learning institutions and potential employers to obtain accurate information. Eduthentic enables online and traditional learning institutions to offer verified diplomas and certifications to their students.  This differentiates the school and empowers the students to easily share their achievements with any other school or employer in the world. It also offers students the chance to get to learn the Blockchain.


Waste management and disposal companies that need a high probative eSignature train-of-custody platform

It is increasingly difficult and expensive to stay current with the numerous laws and regulations imposed on waste disposal, pharmaceutical tracking, environmental disposal, and hazardous waste transfer firms. Our eSignature platform can ensure that any size waste management or disposal firm can record a legal transfer of liability within a secure, transparent, and traceable platform which can maintain all records in case of an audit.