Chain-of-Liability: eSignature platform

Ironclad Probative Value (IPV) eSignature Solution


Our high probative value (IPV) eSignature platform ensures that each transaction with an outside client, customer, or vendor is stored within a portal where the identity of each company representative, contract, and transaction is linked to every electronic document.  

Every signed eDocument, contract, or customer document is encapsulated with tamper-proof XMP infused metadata which reveals who signed it, when, where, and much more.  It also assigns the signer’s identity to it. The tamper-proof metadata is stored in the Blockchain to ensure long-term integrity. Intuitive dashboards give compliance officers, risk or office managers total control and visibility into every customer, individual, and document providing them insight every transaction which dramatically reduces liability.

A Scalable people-centric SaaS security driven solution that utilizes our unique document XMP infused metadata which can provide traceability and fulfills fiduciary duties while reducing fraud and identity theft. A document with a Clawd IPV signature certificate offers the highest probative value in a court of law.

Features & Benefits

  • Can facilitate legal simple 1-1 or complex business activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, to sign documents as well build custom templates.
  • High probative value eSignature generator and eDocument workflow facilitator for individuals or group signings.
  • All actions, signatures, and eDocuments are captured within legally binding documents which can be securely archived within, or outside, the platform.
  • Generates legally authentic signed document even on mobile devices.
  • eDocument journey from creation, to signature, to third parties, to vaults and beyond is traceable and auditable. Ideal for external Compliance and Internal Procedure Governance.
  • Can create simple or multi-step activities to sign documents as well as build custom templates for simple 1-1 interactions or complex business deals.
  • All actions, signatures, and eDocuments are captured within legally binding documents which can be securely archived within, or outside, the platform.
  • Signed documents are dynamically auto-classified and stored in the correct user account vaults.
  • Can facilitate multiple users. No need for separate accounts.
  • Cloud and mobile-ready. Requires software downloads or desktop plug-ins.
  • Operates outside email platform for maximum security.
  • Metadata can be viewed in Pro PDF reader.