Internal Audits

The Clawd platform streamlines vendor and client management while capturing all pertinent transactions in legally documented workflows. which creates legally authentic documents by utilizing certifications and tamper-proof metadata infused with XMP technology which is encapsulated within the document. This metadata contains the history of the document’s life-cycle, who had contact with it, and proves the authenticity and integrity. This information represents the DNA of the document. This DNA will then be registered in the Blockchain in order to allow its discovery and undeniable status.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Purchasing or Vendor managers can easily create transaction, on-boarding, contract, collaboration, and transfer of liability workflow, and chain of command rules to ensure that each interaction by company representatives or vendor complies with internal, local, federal and international regulations.

Blockchain Integration

The Clawd ecosystem can:

Individual identities are registered within the Blockchain where their identity and signature is legally, and globally, accepted and recognized. 

Individual role is certified and beneficial ownership is recorded. 

Their signed documents  are linked to their name within the Blockchain and is updated within real-time. There are no links which can be intercepted by outside parties. 

They can use the system to legally sign and link eDocuments to their identify.

Document metadata contains  an  audit  trail  of  the  document’s journey  and  modifications and that the scanning process is compliant with and follows international and national laws. The metadata is stored in the Blockchain and will reveal if a document has been tampered with or is missing.