Compliant by Design

Clawd Technologies offers an intelligent collaboration, signature, and workflow platform which easily enables documented chain-of-custody transactions, legally authentic document creation, along with individual and entity verification. Solution suite includes a Closing Management platform for Transactional Attorneys, Enhanced and Customer Due Diligence platform for Compliance and Risk Officers, and electronic document management for Information Officers.

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Simplify Compliance & Risk Management

Our flexible, secure, and scalable platform enables compliance officers, risk managers, and vendor managers to easily create workflows and “transfer of liability” procedures to enable internal and external governance and ensure regulatory compliance. Company administrators can define roles and actions to employee representatives. It offers secure online vaults which streamlines customer management while capturing transactions and transfer of waste detailed chain-of-custody.

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Chain-of-Liability eSignature Platform

Our high probative value eSignature platform ensures that each transaction with any outside client, customer, or vendor is stored within a portal where the identity of each company representative, contract, and transaction is linked to every electronic document. Every signed eDocument, contract, or customer document is encapsulated with tamper-proof XMP powered metadata which reveals who signed it, when, and much more. It also assigns the signer’s identity to it.  

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Beneficial Ownership

We utilize a global network of Certified Identity Verifiers to quickly authenticate individuals and their role or ownership in the company to ensure and that you are conducting business with a trusted individual and entity. This enables companies to easily manage and build an external and internal Chain-of-Trust.

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Blockchain Integration

Individual identities are registered within the Blockchain where their identity and their role in the company is recorded and globally recognized. Every electronic document produced by the Clawd platform also has its metadata stored in the blockchain to ensure its longterm integrity.    

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We Offer Solutions For

Legal Firms & Corporate Attorneys

The easy-to-use closing management and high probative value eSignature platform for transactional attorneys. Enables a firm or individual to build workflows out of your existing contracts and manage the complete lifecycle of your contracts including revisions, acceptance, and signatures in a secure portal.

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Compliance & Risk Officers

It is increasingly difficult for compliance and risk officers to manage enhanced due diligence and customer due diligence regulations for numerous national and international customers, vendors, and third parties, Verifi simplifies and legally documents the transactions between all parties while verifying the individual's identity and beneficial ownership.

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Chief Information Officer & Document Managers

Our affordable solution enables in-house document managers to easily dematerialize by creating legally authentic PDFs from paper documents by using their existing scanners. Creates a secure but transparent case and corporate file management system which can be integrated within the Blockchain.

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Education Institutions

Enables any type of learning institution, worldwide, to easily create authentic and verified diplomas and certifications which are accepted and recognized globally. Empowers students to quickly share their achievements with any national or international institution. Enables online and physical schools to offer a distinct and added value to students.

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