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Your digital transformation is now a reality.

With the acceptance of eSignatures in both the legal and business worlds, a true digital transformation is now possible. With Clawd’s patented processes, backed by Entrust, your eSignature has the same legal value as your handwritten signature.

Digitized paper documents become originals – you can delete your paper copies. Secure storage, easy retrieval and advanced search capabilities mean that your information is a click away.

Our products


Create legally authentic PDFs easily through the patented DocuTrail process


Create your eSignature and use it as the bridge to your verified digital identity


A Cloud-based Storage Vault to Manage Access Rights to Your Digital Originals. Now that you have digital originals, protect them.

Our solutions

A digital identity for a digital world

With the internet came the universal accessibility of information, but it also created a cloak of anonymity. Did the signature come from the person intended? Is that person who they say they are? Will my contract stand up in a court of law?

The UnikSign eSignature removes the mystery. Through the verification process, connect your signature to your verified digital identity. Corporations can also create verified digital identities and assign signatories on their behalf.


Decades of information, digitized

Using our patented process, paper documents go through the digitization process to become digital originals. Eliminate the frustration of searching through paper files, losing track of original documents, or needing to secure expensive storage space. Become paperless and convert your past, present and future paper documents into legal digital originals. Then destroy the paper copies with peace of mind.

True accessibility for remote work

With digital originals, you no longer physically have to be where your documents are. This is crucial for work-from-home or hybrid solutions to truly be effective. Only those with authorized access, no matter their location in the world, can view and manage critical assets. Your originals are stored in a secure vault and accessible in the Clawd platform via desktop and mobile app.


Integrates directly with microsoft azure

The Clawd ecosystem is a security-driven, scalable SaaS solution that integrates directly with Microsoft Azure. Facilitate signing a straightforward contract all the way up to complex activities such as mergers and acquisitions. Clawd is API-ready, and customized solutions can be built out. UnikSign is available on mobile for Android and iOS.


Get the UnikSign App!

UnikSign is the mobile app powered by Clawd Technologies. Sign documents from anywhere, and even use your eSignature as the bridge to your verified digital identity.

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